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30-01-2019 to 04-02-2019

Every Year this Temple celebrates its anniversary during the month of  January/February.  It is celebrated as most importat event by virtue of the very Sacred Homams, Pujas and Abhishekams performed with utmost Sraddha, to enhance the chaitanya of the Presiding Deity and the Upadevatas under the supervision of Temple Thantri Acharyya Ratna Brahmasree Puzhakkara Cennas Dinesan Namboodiripad and strictly in consonance with Vedic and Thantric tenets. It is the strong belief, rather experience, of the devotees public that the rare Thantric rites and rituals performed by the Temple Thantri along with a learned and select team of Acharyyas from Kerala. The six day function conclude on Thiruvonam star, the birth day of the Lord in the month Makaram of Malayala Masam.

The Annual Pratishta Anniversary Celebration and Dravya Kalasam to be performed with Sacred Homams, Special Pujas and Abhishekams. Devotees are requested to participate in this great divine event with family and friends.

For the benefit of the devotees, every devotee can participate in the daily Special Pujas, Homams and Abhishekams by offering Special Offerings/Vazhipads and become a part of this great divine event. Details are in the above notice.

D a y M  o r n i n g - 5 Am to 12 Noon E v e n i n g - 5 Pm to 8 Pm
First Ganapathy Homam

Acharya Varnam, Mulayidal, Praasada Sudhi, Astra Kalasa puja, Vaastu Homam, Kalasa Puja, Vaastu Bali,Rakshogna  Homam, Sthala Suddhi.  


Ganapathy Homam, Mula Puja, Bimba Suddhi, Chathur Suddhi, Dhaara, Panchagavyam,Panchakam, Prachitta Homam, Kalasa Puja and Kalasa Abhishkam and Uchcha Puja.

Sthala Suddhi, Mula Puja and Bhagavathy Seva

Ganapathy Homam, Saanti Homam, Saanti Kalasa Puja, Kalasa Abhishekam, Adbuta Saanti Homam, Adbuta Santi Kalas Puja and Abhishekam and Uchacha Puja.

Sthala Suddhi, Mula Puja

Ganapathy Homam, Mula puja, Naaya Saanthi Homam, Naaya Saanthi Kalasa Puja, Chora Saanthi Homam, Chora Saanthi Kalasa Puja,Kalasa Abhishekam, Kalabha Puja,  Kalabha Abhishekam and Uchcha Puja

Sthala Suddhi, Mula Puja

Ganapathy Homam, Mula Puja, Tatwa Homam, Brahma Kalasa Puja,  Pari Kalasa Puja,Tatwa Kalasa Puja,Tatwa Kalasa Abhishekam with Paani and Uchcha Puja.

Suddhi Kalasam, Adhivasa Homam, Kalasaadhivasam, Praasada sudhi, Astra Kalasa puja for Ganapathy, Ayyappan, & Bhagawathy.

Ganapathy Homam, Chathur Sudhi, Dhaara, Panchagavyam, Panchakam, Kalasa Puja,Kalasa Abhishekam  for Ganapathy and Ayyappan and Bhagawathy, Pari Kalasa Abhishekam, Brahama Kalasa Abhishekam  for Lord Sree Guruvayurappan, with Paani and Uchcha Puja then Sreebhoothabai.


Devotees can book the Annual Pratishta & Dravya Kalasam offerings through this site in online offering (Festival/other offering section) under Sl No. 1 to 31.